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Hulk vs Fin Fang Foom

This project was our final two assignments for the Superhero Comics class with Tom Lyle. We did four pages from the Hulk vs Fin Fang Foom one-shot by Peter David and a cover design. The class was so much fun and not only did I learn a lot and have seen myself improve but I made a lot of great friends this quarter.

Check ’em out!

SEQA340_KHoi_Assignment6 SEQA340_KHoi_Assignment5_Page1 SEQA340_KHoi_Assignment5_Page2 SEQA340_KHoi_Assignment5_Page3 SEQA340_KHoi_Assignment5_Page4

Thanksgiving is just around the corner to I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know i’ll be stuffing my face and buying way too much this week and I hope everyone enjoys themselves!