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Coloring The Runaways, Batman, Hellblazer and Spiderman!

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a project for my Digital Coloring class. For this project we were given a bunch of different sample pages to choose from to color. I gave myself the challenge of a set of four pages from The Runaways! I’m really excited to be able to share these with you all. I also got to color a Batman page, which is hilarious because it’s Bruce Wayne baby sitting some rowdy twins! I also colored some pages from Hellblazer for another assignment as well as a Spiderman page for my midterm. This page was the most challenging to do because we only had 3 hours to complete the whole thing! It was really nerve-wracking to be under such a tight deadline but I’m pleased to know that I can pull off something that looks polished under those circumstances. We’ve been talking a lot about the basics of coloring and techniques as well as discussing and learning about how color can be used in telling a story. Color is an extremely powerful tool, it helps us know how to feel or what to see on any given page. With each page I do, I take into account the story and the logic behind each panel and sometimes I ignore the logic to create clarity or mood.

In general 5 weeks into this class, I’m learning a lot and having more fun. This class has only proved to boost my confidence and help me develop more fine tuned skills for finishing off pages! I’m excited to show you all more in the future.

**Again, I’ll say that these pages were not drawn by me**
I’ve colored these for the sake of education and am not making any money off of this work nor am I affiliated with the artists or companies who hold the rights to these pages and characters.

The Runaways
Issue 25, Pages 16-19

khoi_projectA_Part4_1 khoi_projectA_Part4_2 khoi_projectA_Part4_3 khoi_projectA_Part4_4