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April 23, 2016

Reflections on the River- NaNoRenO 2016!


I’m very happy to say that I was a part of the development team creating background art assets with STARDUST★SODA, a small up-and-coming visual novel game studio, for their game Reflections on the RiverThis game was created for NaNoRenO 2016, which is a annual game jam that happens in the month of March where the participants create, finish, and publish a game within 31 days.

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Let me tell you, this game is awesome. From the story to the user interface, and how cohesively all the art assets fit together, I know that from its inception to completion it was all very carefully crafted and within 31 days as well. I had a lot of fun with this project, providing 6 unique backgrounds with 7 variants, making for a total of 13 backgrounds! With such a intimidating time line and such an ambitious project, being able to work closely with the creators at STARDUST★SODA was an incredible insight into the world of the game industry. I learned so much through this process and I hope to participate in NaNoRenO again in the future!


Download Reflections on the River here.
Available for PC, Mac, and Linux.


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