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May 5, 2014

Lessons from Swarm Con and Web Store Launch

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Swarm Con is over and not only did I take home some money but a lot of advice and things to keep in mind the next time I table at a con!

Swarm Con was my first American convention ever and also the first con I’ve ever tabled at where I was selling my own merchandise. Here’s what I learned.

I prepared for the con by printing 6 sets of each print in 8.5×11, 6 sets of the 3 books, and 10 of the postcards. Then, at the last minute, I made 8 keychains.

I thought this was a pretty modest and realistic amount of stock to have for a small con allowing me to sell at the con and take some home for me to put online. In the end I sold 0 prints and postcards, 2 books, and 4 keychains. It’s kind of depressing not to sell any of your prints but seeing the quality or work at the con from seasoned veterans, you can definitely tell that there is a certain style and aesthetic and level of finish that sells. I noticed that people like buying flashy pin-ups of their favorite characters, usually waist up.

While I think I chose the right fandoms to sell art of, I think I just didn’t tap into that convention aesthetic enough. I chose NBC’s Hannibal, BBC: Sherlock, and Daft Punk. Throughout both days I got a comments about each of my prints from potential customers saying how they liked it or recognized it but no one ever bought.

Another thing that I noticed is that people get really excited over super cute things (like my tablemate Kelsey‘s merchandise), stickers, and anything from a popular anime/manga. All of which I didn’t have. So far I’ve learned: be flashy, have stickers, and work on chibis! A friend of mine who is a well seasoned veteran on tabling, Grace Park, told me that variety will suck people in.

I also found that it was important to be able to take credit cards and have business cards available because, while I may not have had anything anyone wanted to buy, people took a lot of my business cards!

As for pricing, I found that lowering the price can only help you so much. I started out the con with my large prints at $10, postcards at $2, and books at $5 which bundle deals for each type of item. By day two I added buy 1 get 1 free deals and lowered my books to $3 each and 2 for $4. This helped me sell a set of the books but I still didn’t sell any of my prints. Fortunately, people were really into my Hannibal keychains. I believe I was the only booth selling such merchandise, so I think I will invest a deal more in making Hannibal keychains!

I have a lot of left over merchandise which brings me to the second part of my post! My webstore!

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 10.20.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 10.20.50 PM

I’m launching my webstore through storeenvy and all of my convention merchandise will be available there. I will be able to ship worldwide, so everyone will be able to make a purchase no problem!

Check out my store at or click the link at the top!

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May 3, 2014

Swarm Con: Day 1

Today was my first day tabling at Swarm Con. I took some pictures of my booth set up and merchandise.

Me at my booth in my Triana Orpheus cosplay.
Me at my booth in my Triana Orpheus cosplay.

DSC_0006 DSC_0005 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I didn’t sell as well as I would have liked to today but there’s always tomorrow! Any extra prints or keychains I don’t sell at the con will be available on my online shop, here, which I will be launching next week!

If there’s two things I’ve learned from today it’s that cute sells and so do anime characters and, big surprise, I am neither one of those things. I did notice, however, that people really liked my business cards! So, if you’re reading this and you’re one of those people who came by my booth and took a business card, thank you!!

Anyway, here’s to hoping I do better tomorrow. 🙂

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Swarm Con!

Hey Guys!

I’m going to be at Swarm Con this Saturday and Sunday!

If you don’t know about Swarm Con, it’s Savannah’s first public comic, gaming, and geek culture convention. It’s Saturday and Sunday from 10am-10pm and 10am-8pm and includes tons of panels, an artist alley, and a cosplay contest!

I’m sharing a table with a friend this weekend and will be selling prints, postcards, books, and keychains. Now, this is my first con so i’m nervous about selling things but I’m really excited about it!

I’ll post some pictures of my booth tomorrow and let y’all know how it goes!

If you’re in Savannah, come say hi. Booth D1.


For more information about Swarm Con check it out here.

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